The mafia has competition, it’s good to be important (2 poems)

The mafia has competition

There seem to be many things that really
they’re pretty useless …
Ranks and titles, corporate heads,
and processed foods without juice.
Computer games, long false nails, machines.
to do your math …
Deadly deodorants and sprays
so you never need a bath.
Machines to meet all your needs
and take you for a walk …
Gears and wheels to serve you drinks.
with voices now that they speak:
You no longer need to write
or even think or spell …
Why will these machines fry for you?
While you reside in hell:
If you have enough money to spend on all
these really enthusiastic devices …
Why … will you have more time to know
The most shameful of vices!
No need to fear the outcome
or the wrath of the court of law …
How can you have a lawyer,
your kindness to exhort!

The mafia has competition
in every wake of life …
Lords of government and business
Now wield the hitman’s knife!
For unions to proliferate
in churches and schools …
And greed, hypocrisy and power
replace the golden rule.
They are really very popular
and computerized to boot …
His ways are very seductive,
So lovely they are cute!
So well packed in a fancy wrap,
the audience applauds …
How “supercitizens” win an award
for what they have lied or scratched.

Before I stop to catch my breath
the list now seems pretty endless …
I better finish my poem
Or I’ll end up with no friends!
I just want to point the way
to less than harmful values ​​…
Love and live a simple life
and one that is clean and useful.
I’m laughing on the outside
as I write and mock …
But I hope you stop to think
and once again be one.
A bright and lively person,
a unique and healthy being …
Able to do a good job
with true eyes destined to see!
A heart that feels when someone is hurt
and hands to help a friend …
So you can change this poem for me
and give it a hopeful ending.

It’s good to be important

It’s good to be important
but more important to be nice.
In fact … I find it boring
to hear your title twice.
It doesn’t matter what you have
or that you should compare.
We all walk more or less the same
put on underwear.
I’m not impressed by dollar signs
or cold and deceptive roads,
And rather look for the company
nicer people these days.
People who know what love is
true care and honesty …
With true and healthy values,
respect for self … integrity.
Not swallowed up in ugly masks,
it’s not really real anymore.
I prefer a nice soul
with friendship by appeal.

It’s good to be important
although I can’t imagine why.
I prefer to look directly
in someone else’s eyes.
Directly across a level line …
without false dichotomy …
the real man, what he really is …
that’s what I want to see.
And if it’s really important
will feel and will do the right thing …
And be a damn good boy
in the sight of other nice people.


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