Explanation of female body types: how to go from mesomorph to hourglass

In your quest for an hourglass figure, you may find that despite your hard work, you are not getting the results you want. Annoying, huh? Have you considered the effect your body type can have on your progress? If not, you should. Your body type and shape can affect whether you are getting the most out of your body transformation journey. And if it is mesomorphic, correcting its habits can lead to a drastic improvement in results.

Mesomorphic women are well proportioned throughout. Equipped with strong bones, broad hips and shoulders, and thick thighs, mesomorphic body types store fat evenly throughout the body. Mesomorphic body types may already be blessed with curves, but some need a little help to get an hourglass figure.

As a mesomorph, your body is beautiful, thick, and muscular. You are lucky to have a well defined upper body and, if you are very lucky, a tight midsection. Athletic-looking, your body responds better to weight training.

For fast and effective weight loss and strength training, you should try powerful HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercises like kettlebells or home fitness programs like INSANITY or P90X. Strength-building programs like these turn your metabolism into a fat burning furnace and build lean, toned muscles that make you look strong but feminine.

If you are not blessed with a juicy butt, you will need to do exercises specifically designed to help you build your glute muscles. Hip thrusts and glute bridges with moderate to heavy weight loads that are regularly increased are the two best exercises to help you develop a bigger butt. Also, consider buying Butt Bible Workout, the best-selling one from bodybuilder Pauline Nordin, which contains strength and bodybuilding exercises for women like you who want a tight, round butt.

Now, as you know, for the best results, any solid fitness program must be backed by an exceptional eating plan. As a mesomorph, you burn fat faster than your endomorphic sisters, but you burn fat more slowly than your ectomorphic sisters. Eat what you want is no part of your nutritional regimen.

Eat moderately and regularly, maximizing your protein intake by no more than 30 to 40 percent of your caloric intake. Protein is important to help you build muscle. A general rule of thumb is to divide your diet as follows: 40 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrates, and 20 percent fat. Stick to your diet 80 percent of the time, allowing no more than 20 percent deviation from time to time.

Last but not least, if your mesomorph’s midsection is flat, but your waist isn’t as small as you’d like, consider corset training. Waist training with a corset made to help you reduce inches on your love handles. As a result, you can get a smaller waist and get an hourglass figure that makes everyone stop and look.


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