Debunking the food pyramid

The traditional food pyramid has been revised and updated in 2005 by the USDA and do you know who modified the food pyramid? The USDA paid $ 2.5 million to a public relations / marketing group to help design this new food pyramid, and that group is best known for working for the dairy industry. In fact, historically, the food guide pyramids that the USDA has created have always consisted of eating more food, drinking more milk, and basically consuming increasing amounts of everything the American food industry has produced.

Since the food pyramid was published, obesity rates have only continued to rise in the United States. The traditional food pyramid suggests that the “healthy” diet consists of a generous amount of grains in the form of bread, rice, and pasta. Next, you should eat a healthy amount of vegetables (3 servings) and fruits (2 servings) Tier 3, lean meats, eggs and beans (3 servings), and dairy (3 servings). Eat fats, oils, and sweets in moderation.

This model is extremely misleading for the general American population, as eating a diet high in grains and carbohydrates is generally not the best for maintaining a healthy, lean mind and body.

Myth of fat
The biggest mistake many of us make in our diets is that we have eliminated all fat and replaced it with “low” fat substitutes. We have sacrificed many of the “good” fats, such as olive oil, candy, avocados, flax seeds, and fish oils, that our bodies and brains need for healthy function and replaced them with “low” processed substitutes. in fats.

Wheat and Gluten
The standard diet is full of wheat and gluten. A typical American diet consists of toast, pancakes, a muffin, bun for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and pizza and pasta for dinner. Today, wheat is not what it was a hundred years ago. What has been genetically modified that has increased its gluten content to 90 percent. In their book Dangerous Grains, James Brady and Ron Hoggan describe gluten as a protein to which the immune system reacts pathologically, producing inflammation. Their claim is that gluten destroys healthy tissue through a molecular cross-reaction.

Empty calories
We live in the land of plenty, we have a lot of food and a lot of calories, but what we have are foods that are deficient in nutrients and full of empty calories. If you take corn or wheat out of the field and refine it, you take away all the good nutrition. You stick with this empty carb, and it still fits the food guide pyramid to say, “Eat more grains.”

Food science is big business, and many companies have invested millions, if not billions of dollars, to create foods that are full of preservatives, so they have a longer shelf life, so there is no need replace them so often. with additives to attract the taste buds and create an addictive quality. Companies are figuring out how to rearrange the molecular structure of food so that you are the consumer what to buy again and again. They are pouring extra salt, refined sugar, and chemical flavor enhancers into food to give it an enhanced addictive taste.

We have to stop believing in the notion that our government is taking good care of us. It is time to become aware of what you are putting into your body on a daily basis.

The Caveman’s Diet
I also recommend going back to the time of the caveman. When you think about eating something, ask yourself, “Did this come directly from nature?” None of us are perfect and change happens slowly over time. Be kind to yourself and start making small changes to your diet. Do you eat scones and coffee for breakfast? Instead, try eggs and turkey bacon. Instead of having a sandwich for lunch, try the salad or ask them to take away the bread. I still have my moments, but in general I try to be good 80% of the time. Good health is about making good decisions, but not feeling like you are depriving yourself. Start where you are and simply become aware of what you are eating.

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The honest food guide:


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