Can Employers Verify Divorce Records When Hiring?

If you are looking for work, you would probably like to know if an employer can conduct a background check and examine your divorce records. It is certainly important to know what private information can be accessed in these records. Find the answers to all your questions now.

Legal aspects

Divorce records are available to the public. This means that anyone, including an employer, can investigate them without revealing their name. Generally, employers can verify all vital records. It is important to note that the amount of information contained in publicly available records varies from state to state.

Usually only divorce certificates are available to the public. They contain the names of the former spouses and where and when the marriage was legally terminated. In some cases, the court-issued divorce decree can also be seen by employers and other members of the general public. It includes details about alimony, property distribution, custody, visitation rights, and child support.

Disclosure and consent

In most cases, employers must inform job applicants that they will have a background check. They are also required to disclose details. This means that you will know if a potential employer will verify your divorce records and other vital records, including birth and marriage records. You should be aware that, in general, employers must carry out the verification through a specialized agency. Therefore, the risk that they will come across false and discrediting information is quite low.

Depending on your state’s labor law, potential employers may require your consent to verify. This is generally the case in many states. If you do not want a person or organization to snoop through your vital records, you should not give them your consent to do so. Just keep in mind that background checks have become commonplace and an employer will most likely not hire you if you refuse to submit to such a check.


While a criminal and credit history is relevant to many jobs, this is certainly not the case with a criminal record. Employers generally don’t care if you’re single, married, or divorced. Furthermore, anti-discrimination laws will surely prevent them from making a decision about whether to employ someone based on their marital status. Still, the fact that you have been divorced can affect the overall impression the prospective employer has of you.

If you are currently looking for work, you should certainly review divorce records and other relevant public records to confirm that there is no wrong information about you.


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