A Beginner’s Guide to Martial Arts

What could be better than getting fit and healthy while learning how to defend yourself? There are a wide variety of martial arts programs that allow people to get a great workout while learning self defense techniques.

Here is information on the various martial arts, to help you decide which program you would enjoy the most:

Karate: he focuses a lot on powerful kicks and punches. Karate involves learning to respect yourself and your abilities, and learning to respect others. Karate students learn discipline, which makes it a good martial arts program for kids and teens as well.

taekwondo– Involves a lot of energetic movements, including high kicks. Taekwondo will develop strength and cardiovascular fitness at the same time, as well as improve your flexibility, but you may need a moderate to strong fitness level to start a Taekwondo training program.

Kung Fu: Who doesn’t think of the Kung Fu Panda or Bruce Lee movies when listening to “Kung Fu”? There are numerous styles of Kung Fu and it is not necessary to start with a high level of fitness because as you continue to practice, your physical condition, flexibility and strength level will improve at the same time.

Judo: It involves fighting with throws and takedowns, and even choke and choke moves. You may want to see a doctor before starting judo if you have brittle bones or bruise easily. Many kids get involved in the beginner levels of judo because they love rough action.

Kick boxing: boxing combined with elements of Karate. You don’t have to be in incredible shape to start because as you train with kickboxing moves the stronger you will get and your overall fitness level will improve as you go. Kickboxing involves both proximity fighting moves and long-range kicks and punches.

Tai Chi: focuses on meditative breathing, similar to Yoga, combined with Kung Fu routines that are performed slowly. Anyone of any age and fitness level can learn and practice Tai Chi, and the movements won’t put your body under stress.

As a beginner considering using a martial arts program as your main fitness program, you may want to try a few different types before making a decision. You want to choose a program that works for you and that keeps you interested in order to give you the best chance of staying in the program and getting the most benefit from it.


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