Top Ten Ways to Increase Yield Guaranteed!

Athletes and even non-athletes are always looking for ways to develop an EDGE!

Here are ten surefire ways to BOOST performance … Guaranteed!

1.) Know your goals = Sounds obvious, but I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met and trained who just don’t know what they want. Usually they can only tell me what they don’t want. That’s not good enough. YOU need to know with crystal clarity that what you are pursuing can be explained in vivid detail!

2.) Develop a sense of urgency = As I write this article, the Tampa Bay Bucs are beating the Seattle Seahawks 17-3. Seattle is facing a fourth-and-one-yard situation … What do you think they decided to do? Yes, you do, they are! It’s not hard to understand – they need to do it because they realize as a team that if they don’t seize ALL THE OPPORTUNITIES they can, then “it’s over!” Developing a sense of urgency is doing just that – realizing that if you don’t use ALL POSSIBILITIES to prepare for performance the way you REALLY can … Over time, your opportunity will disappear!

3.) Connect emotionally = Not enough people connect emotionally with your goals! Sure they want to achieve it, BUT there is not always this BURNING DESIRE to see it achieved because “IT MEANS A LOT!” Well, right? Do your goals and dreams have a burning desire behind them? What will it really mean if you don’t get them? Surely, it may not be fatal, BUT if there is not a substantial amount of PAIN associated with NOT achieving them, then I affirm that they are not serious goals. Are you connected?

4.) Track your progress = Hey, you keep score during competition, why don’t you keep score in relation to how well you are training and preparing? Makes sense? Keeping track of your progress is nothing more than looking at what you are doing well and what areas you may need to adjust. Try keeping a training journal – it will help you keep track and stay focused! It often helps build confidence in the things you are doing right to prepare to DO!

5.) Make adjustments = Throughout my childhood, when I was a young athlete, I noticed that if YOU didn’t sulk, kick the dirt, and even throw a tantrum or two … You really didn’t care! That’s a lot of crap! Certainly I think there should be a healthy dissatisfaction level for a job that is less than the best, however I don’t believe in “beating yourself up!” I have a saying with my son (10 years old. Wrestler and football player) “Don’t get frustrated … Don’t beat yourself up, just make the adjustment!” The only thing YOU get good at when you hit yourself is … “Hit yourself!” It produces negativity, low self-esteem, and ultimately sabotages your best performances! Hey, “What adjustments are YOU making?”

6.) Seek Advice = Too often we hear behind Mega Successful People who were “Automated”. I have news for you … There is no such thing! Whether your inspiration comes from someone in history who wrote a book or from a mentor who told you something, others and their ideas constantly shape us. So, seek advice – the wise advice of “good people” who “have been there and done that!” Find yourself some mentors you can keep in touch with and ask them questions about their struggles, attitudes, triumphs, disappointments, and what they take away from their experiences. Keep a pen and notebook handy and write down what is potentially useful. You’ll find a “gold mine” of help and who knows she might be the one to help you become the next “self-made … oops … hit that!”

7.) Watch your thinking = Everyone has an opinion – Many people have good intentions and want to Coaching and add to their success. Some, however, are simply not qualified to help. Keep your mind and thoughts PROTECTED! There are also people who are simply negative and will leave you with no passion to perform at the highest level! Stay away and remember this proverb … “The wise walk among the wise and the foolish with the foolish!” Choose which one makes the most sense for your success and your future!

8.) Enjoy the process = It’s really simple! Enjoy the fact that YOU are truly unique in that very few people would choose to pursue what you are pursuing – your goals and dreams. Please do yourself, your mind and your body a favor … Allow yourself to experience the joy of hard work, sacrifice, exceptional focus, discipline and everything else that comes with “Achieve your goals and dreams! ” Like I said, “It’s really simple … It’s just not easy!”

9.) Develop routines that help YOU master performance = create pre-competition routines, warm-ups, performance tracks, visualization exercises, etc. All have been shown to increase performance levels for people in the performance business. Take a look at my previous posts to better understand how some of these routines really help!

10.) Run = As Nike says; “Just do it!” After all the preparation with the best and most suitable equipment, training, training, recovery and even mental skills training … The bottom line is that YOU will be called to “Step forward and act!” The most important key to being able to do this is to develop a sincere desire to “You want to act!” In other words, if you’re a fighter … Your favorite place to be is when it’s “Game Time!” If you’re a soccer player … Your favorite place to be is when it’s “Play Time!” Pick a sport or event: YOU HAVE to learn to LOVE the moment that means MOST … The moment when the result means something. Remember this … You are an Interpreter! ACTORS LOVE TO ACT!

Follow these 10 surefire ways to increase your PERFORMANCE and I promise you …


Until next time …

Remember, “It’s just your life, keep going!”


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