Real Estate Leads: How To Get Free Real Estate Leads

Potential real estate clients are vital to any agent or broker business. Home sales and home buying opportunities have always been an important part of keeping a real estate business moving forward. With the advent of the Internet and more than 80 percent of home buyers going online to search for their next home, Internet leads are one of the most important marketing avenues for real estate agents and brokers. Estate must use to increase their listings and income.

What many real estate agents don’t know is that there are a handful of real estate lead generation companies that generate the most leads on the internet. In fact, they generate so many leads that they don’t have enough real estate professionals to sell them. In order to help the home buyer or seller who visited the company’s website, lead generation companies have been giving away leads for free, at least with no upfront cost.

To get the free leads, the real estate agent must agree to pay a reference for any closed translations. The reason many agents don’t know about these leads is because only one or two of the big online lead generation companies offer this free referral service because it requires them to have an authorized broker within the company.

These business contacts are very useful for a real estate agent starting out in business or a broker who has several agents in charge. In addition, agents who want to increase their marketing and the number of closings each month can use these leads to increase their business. Typically, the lead generation company wants 1-2 years of experience representing home buyers or sellers, but if they don’t have agents in your area, they will most likely hire any agent. For potential home seller clients, it helps if agents have a network of investors who can buy houses quickly. Many home sellers who go online and fill out home seller forms need to sell a home quickly for many reasons. Some have large amounts of equity that allow them to sell the price of their home for a quick sale. Others are behind on their mortgage and would love to have an investor buy their home so they don’t lose it to foreclosure.

If you are a real estate broker or agent looking to grow your business, I suggest you sign up with one of the lead generation companies that offers a free real estate referral program. These companies typically don’t charge you any registration fees, monthly fees, or cancellation fees, just a fee for closed transactions.


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