Open House Tips for Realtors

1. Advertise! A study by the National Association of Realtors revealed that 92% of buyers use the Internet to search for a home. Make sure your open house dates are available through Zillow. With over 130 million page views per month, Zillow is a great place to start.

2. Invite the neighbors to a wine and cheese party at their open house. It’s a great way to build contacts and prospects. Socialize and have fun.

3. Everyone who visited your open house is a potential buyer. so create an automated nutrition email marketing campaign to stay in touch. Also be sure to follow up in a few days so you can get back online and help with your home buying search.

4. Be strategic with open house signage. Sandwich boards are great, but also pair them with signs that are readable from at least 30 to 50 feet away. Place directional signs to advertise within a five-block radius to reach a larger audience. Add helium-filled balloons to draw attention.

5. Depersonalize the property. Pick up family photos, diplomas, awards, and anything else in the home before the open house. By removing personal items, the house does not belong to any particular group of people and visitors can see themselves in the house.

6. Clean and organize closets and other storage spaces. Shoppers will open cabinets, drawers, and anything else that has a handle. Instead of an avalanche of boxes when they open the storage closet, make sure the cabinets are clean and organized.

7. Target local homebuyers with online advertising. You can even target potential buyers based on zip code through Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, and other online resources. With Facebook, you can add photos of the property and link to a home page where more pictures of the house are available, plus a contact form for more information.

8. Advertising by drone. Yes, drone advertising. Hoovy advertises open houses by attaching banners to the drones and flying them in public places for real estate agents. Hoovy flies the drones about 60 feet above the ground to be closer to the public.

9. Staging can help sell a house. Group your colors. Try to limit colors to just three per room. Keep the larger items further down. If you have an even amount, remove one. Always keep the amounts to an odd number as it is more visually appealing. Mix cushions, and to create a spa appeal, add white towels to bathrooms.

10. First impressions are important. Simple input updates can make a big difference. Add to the plant. If the door is worn, a good coat of paint can make all the difference. A new welcome mat will make it more welcoming. Sweep, clean cobwebs and remove anything worn.

11. In one study, 30% of people reported that scented products were “irritating.” Skip the air fresheners and candles. Instead, encourage your salesperson to shampoo rugs, open windows to let fresh air in, deodorize appliances, and toss rugs in the wash.

12. Experiment with lighting before your open house. Try opening blinds and curtains, turning on different light sources.

13. Advertise in small local newspapers since not all buyers know the Internet. Many retirees read the local newspapers and you will get a lot of bang for your buck.

14. Consider a themed open house. If the house is Mediterranean in design, consider presenting tapas. If it’s Spanish style, nachos can be perfect. Offer your potential buyers a unique experience to remember the home.

15. Have brochures with your contact information ready for buyers to pick up. The Home Loan Breakdown and a Glossary are two excellent booklets. Neighborhood information such as local schools, grocery stores, restaurants, and “walk score” are all great data. And attach your business card to each brochure. Have a visitor sign-in sheet and record their name, phone number, email, and any other relevant information. Follow up a few days later.

16. Email prospective buyers and invite them to your open house. Showcase the house in the email and include a professionally branded email signature. And offer to pre-show the house. Why wait? Give prospects the ability to schedule time with you to tour the house early. Add an online scheduling link so shoppers can set a time without fussing with the phone, call back, and wait. After all, in this competitive market, the house might be on the lookout by the time open house rolls around!

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