Mental Health Nursing Jobs: Working in a Diverse Environment

If you are considering a career in mental health nursing, you will gain experience in providing treatment, care and support to clients with moderate to extreme emotional, mental and psychological problems. Mental health nursing jobs offer you the opportunity to work in a diverse environment. Some of the roles you will find yourself in include helping to identify client problems and conduct preliminary assessments, monitoring and reporting on the client’s mental condition, and helping clients manage their mental illness and providing counseling and support. He will also dispense prescription drugs to clients and facilitate and organize therapy groups. Helping clients with personal care and activities of daily living will also be part of your job description along with visiting clients in the community and networking with community organizations, employers, government agencies, the police, and attorneys.

Mental health nursing jobs will give you the opportunity to specialize by working with a range of different groups of people, such as the elderly, families, women, children and adolescents, Maori and Pasifikas, and offenders with mental health conditions. You’ll also be able to specialize in areas like crisis assessment or telephone screening, where you’ll gauge mental health needs and risks based on symptoms reported to you over the phone.

As a nurse in this specialization, you will be skilled in many areas such as knowledge of different nursing methods and theories, psychiatric disorders, different illnesses and diseases, and how the body works. She will also have knowledge in the areas of medications and treatments, and the effects these medications have on patients, and will be skilled in counseling and therapy techniques. She will also know the ins and outs of the relevant legislation and her oral and written communication skills and listening skills will be excellent. Things like organization and decision making will become second nature to you. You may work for hospitals, nursing homes, and community care services and will spend time in the community making calls to clients. Mental health nursing jobs involve a lot of contact with a diverse group of people including other health professionals, clients and their families, community agencies, and police and ambulance officers. Salaries for nurses in this profession range from $44,000 to $66,000 and you will potentially be able to advance your career by moving into clinical specialist roles within the healthcare industry or into research or management and education roles.


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