Light up your rooms with pretty and colorful chandeliers

Whether for a child’s room, master bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or living room, colored chandeliers can add a touch of class and a dash of whimsy.

If you have a house resplendent with bright Mediterranean-style colors and ornate details, with all the elements (from bedding and bedding to curtains, appliances and furniture) in the right places, a wrought iron chandelier or brass with stained glass or a small French Art Deco copper and chrome frame with deep red shades can add drama.

In fact, well-chosen accessories that include multi-colored chandeliers, such as a six-light chandelier with a cabbage rose design and beautiful stained glass shade, or a mini swag-style chandelier with multi-colored glass beads and drops, or an elegant number Pink crystal in a very polished nickel tone that is ideal for an elegant dressing room or a lady’s room, can accentuate living spaces.

A classic, colorful chandelier that contrasts with contemporary or classic furnishings can add unique character to a home. A traditional teal chandelier, for example, can contrast nicely with modern furniture in neutral tones. An antique Moroccan chandelier with a touch of red, on the other hand, can harmonize well with walls and furniture in warm yellows, oranges, and browns. A very simple or contemporary classic brass chandelier with a yellow or orange hue deserves its rightful place in a library, or even a guest room. A green or multi-colored chandelier with crystal drops will look good in a teenager’s room. A contemporary black chandelier also has a charm of its own and can bring an edgy charm to a room.

With so many beautiful colored chandelier options in today’s era, it can be seen that chandeliers have really come a long way from the traditionally austere and ornate ceiling fixtures that they once were. Today’s unique modern chandelier styles fit well into almost any setting, leading anyone who appreciates their beauty to hang them almost anywhere, from the bathroom to the dining room, from the powder room, from the kitchen or home office to the rec room, not to mention, of course, the living room.


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