3 Cool and Trendy Nursery Design Themes for Girls

You just found out you’re having a sweet little girl and you can’t wait to start planning her room. Here are some fresh ideas for that special room that will be anything but boring:

black and pink: If you’re considering a pink bedroom for your daughter, give it an air of sophistication by pairing it with black accents. Beautiful black toile bedding or a black striped crib skirt will add balance to the pink and be totally unexpected. Black frames around the wall art or ebony shelves can be the perfect touch to complete this elegant look.

hollywood glam: Give your little girl the star treatment with this feminine yet timeless look. Paint the walls in a silvery French blue and bring a stunning silver-framed mirror over your desk. A beautiful crystal chandelier will add that touch of sparkle to the room and it doesn’t have to be expensive if you buy one at your local home improvement store. If you have the pocket book for the real deal, go for it. Floor-length satin drapes on an eye-catching silver rod or hooks will complete this elegant baby vanity.

Modern twist: If you’re not a traditionalist and have a rock and roll soul, do like celebrity mom Tori Spelling and don’t be afraid to wear trendy citrus hues and a zebra-print rug under a mod Swedish-style crib. Lime green or pumpkin orange paint on an accent wall will create a fun-filled room for any baby. Pair these brighter colors with brown accents so they don’t appear harsh, like in a retro-inspired barrel shade that hangs over the baby’s crib for a contemporary twist.

What’s outside:

  • Cartoon Catastrophe: Avoid overt character themes like Dora the Explorer or a full princess look. These are over made and will not grow with your child.
  • Pink on pink on pink: Don’t go overboard with the Pepto-Bismol style. If you must have pink, select a shade that is light and refined. Don’t go crazy adding bows and other heavy embellishments: simplicity is the key to harmonizing a pink room. Think of the elegance of a summer cottage.
  • Highly ornate furniture: If you have to have that wrought iron bed with the beautiful scrollwork, but by all means, indulge. But balance that bold piece with a dresser with clean lines that will stand the test of time and last until your daughter leaves for college. Ornaments on furniture may look cute when you’re a baby, but you’ll eventually crave something more contemporary and grown-up as you get older.


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