The Philosophy of Death

When we die, where do we go? Does the soul leave the body and rise towards the light?

Energy is a form of Qi or life force and flows within all living things. In Chinese astrology and the other art of metaphysics like Feng Shui, Qi is the life force that creates us human beings. According to science, energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be transformed.

When we die, the energy takes another form and once it leaves the body, the Qi of the dead can influence the descendants through the location and orientation direction of the burial site. With the help of a Feng Shui master, the dead can be a source of beneficial Qi for the living. In other words, our ancestors are a force to be reckoned with if the Qi from their graveyards is harnessed according to the shape of the earth.

From perspectives other than metaphysics, we can also see energy as transformative from a philosophical angle. People see death as an escape from a cruel world and from physical, mental, and emotional suffering. That is why some people take their own lives in order to end their suffering. But does death bring closure?

There are some people who can communicate with the dead and feel or see spirits. Their bodies can act as vessels for energy to go in and out. They act as mediums to channel energy through their bodies and make contact with ghosts or spirits. How people cross over into the afterlife, whether in peace or restless, depends on their state of mind on the brink of death. If there are still unfinished business in this world, there will be restless spirits that will traverse the physical world. It is believed that unless these restless spirits can cross into the spirit world through some kind of closure, there will be disturbing and supernatural happenings.

If we look at this issue from other perspectives, the world of materialism in which we live is also a breeding ground for greed and money is the root of everything. Money, for all its corrupt forces, can also transcend the realm of materialism to reach the height of benevolence. People who steal, cheat, or launder money out of greed are blinded by emotion and if they died now, none of the ill-gotten gains can be taken to the grave. Even if some of the wealth is honestly acquired, rich people cannot take it away when they die.

So how can we transform money into a form of higher value that we can benefit from when we die?

Like energy that is transformative, money is tangible but its value is transcendent and reflects our morals. On the basis of good financial management, we must use money wisely and learn to diversify our investment. We should not put all our eggs in one basket. In the same way, we should not keep all our money in this materialistic world, but transform it into moral value through acts of kindness that can be beneficial to the living and the dead. To this end, we can bring our wealth to a heavenly universe.

To put it philosophically, we should do more acts of kindness as it is an investment that can make us spiritually rich by the time we reach the end of our lives. If we believe in God, this is our investment in heaven. Our soul rises towards the light and becomes enlightened beings!

In the end, only goodness matters and death provides a way out of this existential life if we choose to live wisely.

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