Finding the Best Student Accommodation in Cambridge

Best Student Accommodation in Cambridge

Cambridge, a beautiful city of history and tradition, is the place to be for any student looking to live in one of the UK’s most sought-after cities. It’s not only home to the best universities in the world but also a vibrant arts and culture scene with events like the annual folk festival and food festival taking place throughout the year, as well as a number of independent film and music festivals. But most students will be more concerned with how to get the best Cambridge student accommodation. This will give them the space they need to relax and unwind, while being in a central location within walking or cycling distance of all of the University departments and facilities.

There are a variety of options for Cambridge student accommodation, with a range of properties ranging from en suite rooms to whole houses, with shared kitchen and living space. Private rooms generally offer an individual bedroom and bathroom while shared houses often have larger rooms that contain single or double bedrooms, separate shower and toilet blocks as well as a shared kitchen area.

Students at the University of Cambridge are based in College-owned accommodation, which is guaranteed for three years of study (with most colleges offering housing for four-year courses as well). Each College has its own unique student accommodation and is often situated close to the University and within easy walking or cycling distance of the city centre. Students are able to choose their College and then their room allocation in a random ballot at the end of July, with third years choosing first before second years.

Finding the Best Student Accommodation in Cambridge

Many Colleges have their own accommodation for freshers, and in some cases this includes ensuites. The most popular block for freshers at Sidney is Cromwell Court, which has limited ensuites and a basic gyp room that usually contains a fridge, sink, microwave, toaster, George Foreman grill and kettle. There are also two flats in the block with actual kitchens which have everything you would expect to find in a normal house, though they tend to be used as spaces for pre-drinking.

Some second years choose to stay in college owned houses near the Jesus Green campus, where the bedrooms are all en suite but the kitchens are shared with other students. Others choose to go for a ‘set’ room in the newer side of the College, which is a larger house with a living space as well as bedrooms. Rooms in the X, Y and Z staircases of the main part of college are often available to second years who have done well in the ballot, but these are more expensive than those on the other staircases.

The impact of student accommodation extends beyond academic pursuits, contributing significantly to students’ personal development and well-being. A comfortable and supportive living space can alleviate stress and anxiety, creating a sense of security and belonging. Moreover, student accommodations that promote a strong sense of community and provide access to mental health resources contribute to students’ emotional well-being, fostering resilience and overall happiness.

For third years, there are a large number of houses that have ensuite bedrooms as well as shared bathrooms, with some having kitchens. Some are a bit shabby but others, such as our house on Suez Road which is only a few minutes walk from both Mill Rd and Cambridge Central station and has a mix of single and ensuite rooms, are modern with huge kitchens, plenty of seating and even a maintained rear garden.


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