The most important renovations to complete before the sale of a private property

For sale by owner real estate must look absolutely its best to impress potential buyers. Fixing a bad first impression is mission impossible. The fate of the private property sale depends on that first home inspection.

As a homeowner, there are several basic and relatively inexpensive modifications you can make to make your property more attractive. A house that looks well maintained and spacious will sell much faster than a property that shows signs of aging.

Disorder and depersonalize
Many private property sellers forget to deal with the clutter before they start showing the house to potential buyers. Something as simple as throwing out old pieces of property can significantly increase its curb appeal.

Remove all items that have some personal value but add little to the interior design of the home. Store these pieces in boxes until you sell the house, in case you don’t want to throw them away.

After dealing with all the clutter, it’s time to start cleaning up. A thorough wash can achieve amazing results. Floors will shine and windows will let in more light. something as simple as throwing away old belongings and cleaning the house can set you on the path to success in private property sales.

The appearance of the kitchen is crucial
Most potential buyers will spend a lot of time examining the condition of the kitchen and bathroom. Being two of the most functional places in the house, they are the ones that show the most signs of aging.

There are several things you can do to renovate the kitchen. Cabinet doors, for example, can be painted or freshly varnished. In this way, the wood will look like it was just bought.

Investing in some new appliances is also a good idea. Energy efficient appliances can increase the value of the house. They will also create a great first impression on the potential buyer.

How is the kitchen counter? Natural materials like marble and granite are the most impressive. Unfortunately, they can be expensive. You still have an option that will improve the appearance of the countertop. Marble or granite laminate gives the look of the real thing without being as expensive.

Curb appeal: do you have it?
The exterior of the home is the first thing property buyers see upon arrival. Some private property sellers think that curb appeal adds nothing to the value of the home, but they are wrong.

The condition of the garden, porch and building fa├žade can tell a lot about how the property has been maintained over the years. It is up to you to do something about it.

You can easily plant fresh flowers and make sure the paths look clean and tidy. Clean up outdoor furniture and add some porch lights. Repaint the facade of the building. These are minor, inexpensive repairs that will go a long way in terms of increasing the attractiveness of the real estate for sale to the owner.

As a private property seller, you will need to come up with a strategy. The appearance of the house is an important part of that marketing plan. Think about affordable repairs that will impress while increasing property value. Take some time to prepare the house for the private sale and you will definitely enjoy the results.

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