Murder: Okoya family in Anambra praises police and calls for arrest of main suspect

The Okoya family in Isuaniocha in North Awka Anambra State Local Government Area is currently full of praise for the Nigerian police, for the arrest of two of the suspects linked to the murder of their son.

However, the family is asking the same police to locate Anthony Onyeagolu, former president general of the Isuaniocha Development Union, in Awka, Anambra state, who is allegedly the main suspect in the incident.

Okoye recalled that her late brother, Angus Okoye, a 48-year-old businessman, was allegedly abducted around 1.30 a.m. on December 16, 2018, from his home in the village of Ifite Isu, Isuaniocha, Awka north of LGA. .

But, family sources alleged that Angus’ offense was that he was a star witness in a community-instituted N100million fraud case with EFCC against Anthony Onyeagolu.

However, the next day, the lifeless body of the abducted victim was found dead on the border between Isuaniocha and the Nawgu community.

Anambra State Police Command spokesman Haruna Mohammed, then police superintendent, said that “following the report, the police patrol team attached to the Dunukofia division visited the scene together with the vigilante group.”

According to Haruna, the victim was photographed and rushed to hospital, where a doctor confirmed his death upon arrival, while the preliminary investigation revealed that the victim was a 48-year-old Angus Okoye ‘m’.

He was allegedly abducted from his residence in Ifite Isu village, Isuaniocha in Awka North LGA on 12/15/2018 at approximately 11:30 pm.

“The victim was shot in the head and neck by his assailants and his Honda Pilot with REG Lagos number. The FST 430 DM was abandoned,” according to police investigators, which also confirmed the autopsy carried out by the FCID.

Media reports also quoted Haruna further explaining that the incident may not be disconnected from the recent crisis in the Isuanioha community in which the police warned the community not to take the laws into their own hands.

However, family sources said that Anthony Onyeagolu, the 42-year-old main suspect in the attempted murder cases, allegedly fled to Ghana at the peak of police investigations into the incident, to escape arrest.

But, when a certain Chidiebere Okoye, an indigenous person from the community, who was one of those allegedly kidnapped, tortured, shot and allegedly killed, survived and was invited by the police to testify about the incident, where he allegedly accused Anthony Onyeagolu and his gang members, now at large.

Chidiebere Okoye also named others linked to the incident as: Chiefs Boniface Enweani, Augustine Adigwe, Mr Moses Emebo, Stephen Ibeania and others.

The Okoye family have sincerely expressed their appreciation to the Force Police Investigations Department, FCID, Abuja, for coming to their aid and locating two of the suspects, namely Mr. Moses Emebo and Cyprian Onyeagolu, who is the Anthony Onyeagolu’s older brother.

It emerged that as soon as Onyeagolu learned that Chidiebere had survived the incident and was invited by the police to clarify what actually happened, it was said that he had returned to Abuja from Ghana and had submitted a request to one of the units of the Nigerian Police. in Abuja.

He also sent his petitions to the Senate and other notable indigenous people of the state of Anambra, where he sold his falsehood and fictitious statements, thus misleading the police and the public about the true image of the incident, where the attempt and the actual murder, allegedly perpetuated by him . , They were involved.

But, instead of Onyeagolu appearing before the FCID, having been declared wanted by the police to clear his name in connection with the murder case, the former leaders are busy spreading falsehoods in the supposed attempt to kill the murder case and truncate Justice.

The family is using this medium to inform the entire world that the alleged chief murderer has been misleading the police and the public with falsehoods, while playing hide and seek in Abuja, to avoid the invitation of the FCID in the last year. in order to free his brother, currently detained by the police through the back door.

It should be remembered that the Onyeagolu family has been using all police channels since the murder of the late Angus Okoye to intimidate, harass and label all kinds of false complaints against the relatives of the deceased, in order to truncate justice or silence the case. while the body of the late Angus still remains in the morgue to date, the family said.

Today, the FCID has finally heard the cries of the family and moved into action to untangle Angus Okoye’s killers, leading to the arrest of Cyprian Onyeagolu and Moses Emebo, who are still being questioned at the FCID in Abuja, while keep looking. for the remaining suspects, including Anthony Onyeagolu, the alleged chief assassin.

The family cries out to enlighten the public and the police to avoid being misled by Anthony Onyeagolu, who is being wanted by the FCID to answer his crime, while appealing to the public and the police to arrest him and hand him over to the police. Homicide Section of the FCID, to answer for their crimes.


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