How You Can Get Involved in Fear Factor

Have you always dreamed of participating in a reality show? This is your chance. Fear Factor Live is a stunt show at Universal Studios Tours where volunteers are from the audience. Since three to five shows are held every day, chances are good that you will be able to participate in them.

Of course, there are a few things to know and remember before participating in the stunt show. First, this is not a simulated show. Fears are real and are not a simulated fear factor in this show. And the stunts are performed by audience members like you. So if you are cowardly, you better not try.

If you think you have the guts to go ahead and participate, visit the casting office, located near the Terminator ride, in the theme park. There are some physical standards that must be met, ensuring that you can handle the tasks that are assigned to you. You must even sign a liability form that releases Universal Studios and Fear Factor from any liability, in the event of injury or damage that may occur.

Before the actual show begins, audience members who were not selected to participate are called to the stage and some similar challenges are thrown, such as eating insects and critters. The winner of the pre-show contest receives wonderful prizes, like an annual theme park pass. Then there is a warm-up of the audience to generate enthusiasm from the presenters of the show.

There are six contestants on the show, all chosen from the casting office. Their dress code is like the original Fear Factor dress: tight-fitting uniforms. Then a series of challenges, again like the Fear Factor challenges, are thrown at the contestants. These include falling from a height, skill tests, and of course the well-known disgusting challenge. As the show unfolds, a member of the audience is picked up for another challenge, like sticking his head into a tank that’s crawling with scorpions.

After watching Fear Factor, if you bragged to your friends that it was easy for you and that you could easily handle all those stunts yourself, be careful. It may be that you prove that you are right or that your friends prove that you are wrong. This is your lifetime opportunity to take part in the Fear Factor Live show at Universal Studios Tours and prove yourself. Go meet with the casting office ASAP, but make sure you meet all of their physical requirements. If you don’t, ask to be a part of the hearing.


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