Five unspoken truths about being rich

Not spoken Riches Truth # 1: You will be rich only if your destiny is to be rich.

This is the first absolute reality of wealth. No matter how smart we are, how educated, talented, sincere, how hard we work, how much we study the lives of the rich, we will simply never be rich unless it is our destiny to be rich. That’s the honest bottom line. If we want to be rich, we will naturally be placed in the right circumstances with the right tools, the right resources, the right advantages, the right opportunities with the right people that allow us to be rich, rich or millionaires.

To reiterate, being rich is a matter of personal destiny. As Saint Jagat Singh says: What destiny has planned for you will be fulfilled without any planning on your part. Your destiny will cause you to act and strive according to its plan. Old age, health, poverty, wealth, sickness, wealth, learning, honor, dishonor, and the time of death are predetermined while a man is in his mother’s womb, so a man sage never worries, worries or regrets. anything.

There are many rich and wealthy people with millionaire status who teach, preach and profess that if we do what they do, we will also be rich. This does not reflect the law of destiny. Such souls who teach this philosophy, though perhaps with good intentions, lack the facts of life. If people follow his teachings and become rich, it is their destiny to do so, but not otherwise. As Guru Amardas, a mystic of the 15th and 16th centuries, declares: God himself forces his creatures to follow paths of karmas (fruits of previous actions) destined for them over which they have no control and which cannot be erased. Everything that is meant to happen must happen. Conversely, what is not destined to happen will never happen.

Not spoken Riches Truth # 2: The richest man in the world is not the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least.

True contentment is reflected in a state of peace, not rich. How many rich are really at peace with themselves? All one has to do is look at a sample of individuals whose lives are steeped in wealth, power, money and riches, but also in whom there is a lack of peace and satisfaction. This is not to say that having enough wealth to lead a comfortable life is negative. It’s not. What he means is that the highest ideals of peace and satisfaction cannot be bought for any amount of money and that monetary riches do not create peace. True peace comes from within, and being rich is not the way to get there. Being thankful to God for what we have, no matter how much, is the way to get peace. The wise do not judge their lives by their bank accounts. Rather, wise men judge their worth on the basis of more substantive principles and concerns, peace and contentment among themselves. Therefore, the richest man in the world is not the one who has the most but the one who needs the least.

Not spoken Rich truth # 3: God looks at clean hands, you do not fill them.

This quote was expressed by Publilius Syrus, a Latin philosopher of the 1st century BC. C. in his “Moral Sayings”. Throughout history (past and present) there have been people whose riches were impressive: kings, queens, pharaohs, businessmen, investors, politicians, industry moguls, media moguls, etc., but do their riches reflect a state of cleanliness and piety? How many heinous acts have been carried out by people in the pursuit of riches and the creation of material and monetary wealth? How many wars throughout the history of the earth have been fought for wealth? How many people, countries, and entire cultures have been decimated by other people, countries, and cultures who killed them for their riches? How many lies, deceptions and crimes of all kinds have been perpetrated in the name of wealth? How can anyone have clean hands when those hands are covered with the blood of their sacrificed victims?

Also, when people become rich, what real, positive and lasting impact do they have on the lives of others? Do their legacies go beyond the grave to uplift and bring peace and contentment to the multitudes of souls who will follow them in later times and ages? Who are the people who are universally remembered throughout history? Were they the ones whose pockets and purses were overflowing with money and millions? Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Saints Ravidas and Kabir, Guru Nanak, and a lofty litany of spiritual icons throughout world history were not rich, but they had a timeless, priceless, positive, and precious impact that changed. life, not just in people. of their time and place, but of those souls that came later and will continue to be born. In truth, it is not the full hands that deserve God’s attention, but the full hearts. This is something that every conscientious person should consider when planning for life beyond the grave and perhaps leaving a legacy that endures with substantive merits beyond monetary wealth and world wealth.

Arguably the greatest driving force behind wealth accumulation is greed, but contrary to a very popular movie opinion, greed is not good. Destroy the life of the greed monger and negatively compromise the lives impacted by the greed monger. Greed is a vicious monster whose thirst cannot be quenched. When the Buddha comments that if a man is given one mountain of gold, he will want two, he was right. Where is the end of man’s greed? How much money does a man need to lead a peaceful and happy life? How much food, much less good, nutritious and healthy food, can a man eat in a day? How many cars can you drive? How many houses can you live in? How many shirts can he wear? Where is the need for riches beyond need? Life is full of lives of people who have been destroyed because they had too much wealth. Life is also full of people whose lives have been drastically and negatively affected by those whose greed denied them abundant food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. Excess creates access and access to many of the world’s attractions is not necessarily a good thing. For the spiritually focused soul, need must come before greed and lustful lust for riches and riches at the expense of others must be kept in check.

It must also be remembered that the law of cause and effect is working tirelessly in this creation, and those whose greed is out of control will eventually be engulfed, consumed, and incinerated by its very flames. Indeed, the sower of greed is finally engulfed by it. It is impossible to escape from it.

Not spoken Riches Truth # 4: We can’t take our wealth with us when we leave.

When this body dies, our spirit will continue its journey, but the worldly rich we work so hard to accumulate, for whom we often sacrifice our ethical, moral and spiritual values ​​to acquire, will not leave with us when we move into the world. . Great Beyond. As Guru Nanak says: The ranks of this world will not be recognized in the next. Certainly, the same can be said for wealth and wealth. This is certainly not to say that the rich are a bad thing. They are only bad if they are used for bad things, things that pollute the soul of man, his nobility, self-respect, dignity, honor, honesty, courage. They are also bad if they serve to link us to this world, which the mystics tell us is of the lowest order in the hierarchy of spiritual regions.

Therefore, in consideration of not being able to take our wealth with us when we leave this world, what a bad investment it is to spend our lives solely in the pursuit of that which does not serve our greatest and best good or our future beyond that. disappearance. of the physical form? In fact, it is a blind and foolish investment that staggers the imagination, sacrificing the future of our soul for the temporal wealth of the world.

Not spoken Riches Truth # 5: Riches can’t buy us one more breath when it’s time to use up our last breath.

Think of the richest person on the planet. A Forbes list of the world’s richest people is an excellent resource for researching these people. However, think about this: that despite all your wealth, riches, millions and billions, when the time comes to spend your last breath on your priceless human body, despite all your wealth and power, you will not be able to buy one. .. more … simple … just … little … breath. Then the reality of your wealth will be magnified like never before, and the illusion of riches, riches, millions and billions will shatter like a water bubble in the ocean. What a waste to learn the true value of money this way, in the end, when it is too late to change. So what does this say about the price of a single breath, something we take for granted every day? More importantly, what does it say about the world’s rich and the time, effort, and work required to generate them? When a million dollars, even a billion dollars cannot buy a single breath, what does this say not only about the price of a breath, but also about the empty value of the money rich?


Money and the rich are not a bad thing. Like nuclear energy, they have both positive and negative ramifications. Still, even when used for good, they have spiritual limitations and confinements to this world. First of all, destiny will determine whether a person has money and wealth. Second, wealth cannot buy personal joy or peace. Third, the creation of great wealth often involves actions that make your hands dirty and unclean. Fourth, it is impossible to carry our worldly treasures with us when we leave, when we leave this world. Fifth, all the money in the world cannot buy a single breath when it is time to die. So how much importance should we give to creating wealth in this life, in being a millionaire or even a billionaire? Taking into account the Great Plan of the future of our life, how wise is such an investment and what will its final cost be? We only have so much time on this earth, so many breaths in this human body. How will we spend the time that we have left quickly? Short-sighted and foolishly satiating our material greed, worldly indulgence, and sensual gratification, or clearly and wisely in pursuit of higher ideals and behaviors that will ensure our progress onward and upward on the Great Ladder of life when our last breath is released. and the soul goes its way?

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© Richard Andrew King 2011


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