Decorate a home office with vintage style and class

Let’s start with the essentials, a horizontal surface to write on and place other essentials like a computer / fax / copier, phone, and whatever else you’d like to have close by. Think of a desk with a roll top. There are reproductions made in various sizes to suit your workspace and needs. If you like authenticity, consider working with a reputable antiques dealer who will help you find the desk that meets your needs.

Roll-top desks offer numerous cubicles to store all kinds of necessities like paper clips, flash drives, and pens. There are larger drawers that are the size of a file in case you have desired paper files at your fingertips. The top of a roll-top desk has a shelf, great for displaying pictures, books, awards, or consider putting up an antique clock to help keep time.

One feature available with a roll top desk is that you can close the cover and create a beautiful profile, leaving your work undisturbed underneath.

Let’s move on to the seats. A vintage desk looks better with vintage seats. Again, there are companies that specialize in the reproduction of desk chairs; some even come with wheels for easy mobility around your workspace. It’s probably best to buy a chair with arms, so be sure to measure the height of your desk so that the arms of the chair fit the desk. The arms of the chair give you a place to stop and lean while you contemplate during your work day.

Seating for your clients and guests should be comfortable, but not the kind of chair that swallows one and is difficult to get up without the help of a front loader! You also don’t want too modern chairs. The traditional wing chair works well with a vintage-style home office. I recommend a trip to a reputable furniture store where you can select the style of the legs and customize the fabric your chair will be covered in. At least two chairs must be upholstered with matching fabric. A third chair or small loveseat is optional, but it will add a lot to the overall look of your office. Upholster this third seat with a complementary fabric to the chairs.

If you decide that your walls need an update to match your furniture, consider consulting paint companies that offer historic colors. Typically, offices were considered male rooms and were painted in darker colors. Green is traditional and is associated with fostering creativity. I suggest that before committing to any color you live with some of your favorite color options for at least 2 months. Paint swatches of your color selections on the walls and check the colors under different lights and at different times of the day. Choose what your eye finds most attractive by making sure it complements your choice of upholstery and window treatments.

Complement your newly decorated vintage home office with brass ink pots, vintage lighting, which means Do not track lighting. The first typewriters produced in the 19th century by Draper, Victor and Hammond add an especially nostalgic touch to your office environment.

Remember, regardless of how you decide to decorate your home office, it must be comfortable and conducive to your work. After all, he lives and works there.


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