Book Review: “1000 Questions for Couples” by Michael Webb

Do you still remember your question days at the beginning of your relationship? Is the flow of questions ending? It doesn’t matter, today the “1000 Questions for Couples” book will provide you with a wealth of questions to ask your partner, so let the storm of questions rage.

In this book, there are actually 1000 questions put together to help you explore both yourself and your partner more deeply, through a couple orientation (about 70% of the questions focus on married couple relationships, although still being an excellent option). reference for new romantic relationships and new married couples or future marital relationships) funny and serious questions, while it can also be considered as a relationship suggestion book to give you ideas and suggestions, for a better relationship as you always want. win and keep.

1000 is really a great number, and especially for questions. But this is not a job interview or reference research, that is, it should not be treated that way. On the other hand, we should have fun with those questions. Some of these questions may be embarrassing to ask or ask if you don’t have this book or those programs; however, when you get this book or those programs, it will be much easier and more convenient to present these questions to your partners. And you can design your 1000 questions for couples in a creative way, such as leaving a stick with questions or just sending you an email, etc., such as:

1. Do you think you would prefer a calm, loving, and consistent marriage or one that is full of excitement, wild times, and hard times? gold

2. What makes you feel safe and secure? gold

3. What do you think should have the last word in decisions: logic or emotions? Why? gold

4. What are you most selfish about?

By reading this book, you will get more advice and inspirations about your relationship and even serious thoughts about your life, so the book goes beyond its original purpose. This book is written by Michael Webb, author of best-selling relationship books like “The Romance Guide.” Her name is very popular on many social networks, such as Red book, Woman’s World, etc. His fame and reputation should give you peace of mind to read his books.

All things considered, all the things you want are up to your own choice. And the “1000 Questions for Couples” will be your wise choice.


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