5 proven affiliate marketing strategies to capitalize on

There is a lot of money to be made in affiliate marketing. After all, with competition increasing every day, merchants don’t mind paying to attract new customers to their business. If you are new to this model of making money online, you surely lack the experience of what works and what does not.

So, we’ve rounded up 5 affiliate marketing strategies that will help you set up a thriving program.

Strategy n. # 1: discount offers and coupons

Discount offers and special offers make purchases more relevant to customers. They like to shop with big brands, but they also want to save on every purchase through discounts and rebates. Therefore, the sites that collect and distribute coupons tend to have a very large visitor base, some numbering in the millions.

Not only this, customers who come in search of coupons and discount codes are in the market to buy a product. The chances of a visitor turning into a sale are higher. And that guarantees an affiliate payment.

You may consider setting up a coupon collection site for your particular niche. If you are a merchant, you can link to such sites and take advantage of their brand loyalty.

Strategy n. # 2: create resource pages

People often come to your site looking for content rather than expecting to see a sales letter. Therefore, your goal should be to provide quality and useful content. The affiliate link must be relevant to the topic article. Do not write articles with the aim of selling a product.

Product reviews are the best in this category. Customers weigh the pros and cons of the product before they can buy it. You can write an unbiased review of the product you are recommending embedded with the affiliate link.

Strategy n. # 3: apply to mobile devices

Since more people are using their mobile devices to browse and make purchases, it is a big mistake if your site or that of your affiliate partner (merchant) is not mobile friendly. You risk losing potential commission earnings.

Strategy n. # 4: banner ads

We are all familiar with advertisements. You have seen them at the top of the web page or in the right sidebar. These banner ads are actually affiliate links. Affiliate links like banner ads are more captivating due to their visual appeal, something that text affiliate links miss out on. When a website visitor clicks on the banner ad, you earn a commission.

Strategy n. # 5: offer a bonus

This affiliate marketing strategy has been successful for years. You can create your own product and offer it as a gift. An eBook is the best option here. How can this help increase the income of your affiliates? You can place the affiliate link inside the bonus product.

One thing we notice about the most successful affiliate marketing sites is that they reveal your affiliate status in advance. Build trust in the mind of the customer. Also, with affiliate marketing, you can’t stick to one strategy. You have to diversify, often using a couple of them at a time.


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