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Month: April 2023

How to Add a Festive Flair to Your Website for the Holidays

8 Simple Seasonal Website Branding Tips Are you decking your house with holly, stringing lights on your porch, and placing…

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Tips to stretch the use of your iTunes gift cards

If you love shopping on the Apple App Store or the iTunes Store, you’ll certainly love receiving an iTunes Gift…

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Cleanse Your Colon to Get Over the Weight Loss Plateau

Many people who are trying to lose weight, after a period of time and weight loss, experience a plateau. It…

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African American Homeowners Guide to Protecting Your Home Against Burglars

They are quiet, quiet and fast. In fact, you’ll usually never know what hit you until after it’s happened. You…

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What books sell best at what times of the year

Promoting your book means taking advantage of any opportunity that is relevant to it. Generally, book sales are very low…

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Birthday gag gifts that are sure to stand out from the crowd.

When birthdays roll around, you’ll see something of an avalanche of birthday gifts coming the way of the celebrant. This…

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