10 Unique Restaurant Promotion Ideas for New Restaurants

Like any other business, new restaurant owners try to brainstorm ideas on how to promote their business to people in their area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperation. So you understood some things, like that people are hungry at least once a day, they like to socialize, they like to hang out in nice places with their friends and loved ones, so they will definitely do it in a dining room sooner or later. . later, right? There is some truth to this analogy, in fact, you could even run feasibility studies to further support your assumptions before opening your restaurant. Well, not everything works according to plan, so you must have unique restaurant promotion ideas if you want to be successful.

However, before you do that, first know a few rules about restaurant promotion. They are as follows:

  1. Know your customer base – Don’t just launch your restaurant marketing plan without clearly knowing and understanding your customers. Find out what your age groups are, your location versus your driving. When people are hungry, is your place easily accessible to them if they want to eat something? Do you offer an affordable menu? You must consider these things for your marketing campaign to be successful.
  2. Analyze your business challenges – Sometimes business challenges don’t come from the outside, but rather from inside your organization and your people. There may be times when you are idle at work and not doing it on purpose, but the situation creates those scenarios. You should come up with a plan to prevent this from happening and use their time in the most efficient way.
  3. Income or Press? – The goal of your unique restaurant promotion ideas should be to generate more press than revenue. Why? Because the long-term benefits of increased press coverage is that it will increase your business’s chances of profiting exponentially. Not to mention obtaining ideal clients. So, use all of your resources, including social media, to spread the word about your burgeoning new business franchise.
  4. Know your margins – Make sure you have calculated the costs to create the food on your menu, so that you can package deals and discounts without having to pay or earn less than the initial investment amount you have made. You may need to hire a professional to help you do this.

Here are the top 10 unique restaurant promotion ideas:

1) Take advantage of a bigger event

If your restaurant is located somewhere in the city, it is very likely that large events are held throughout the year. This is a perfect opportunity to launch your unique restaurant promotion ideas and offer food discounts if you attend the nearby concert or big movie event. By doing so, you may see an increase in customer influx by at least 7%, but it could be more. Even if it doesn’t increase assuming your regular income is $ 10,000 per day, then you will have made an extra $ 700 for it! Or it could be $ 2,000 more, who knows? Like I said, the opportunity to take advantage of a bigger event near you increases your chances of winning.

2) charities and celebrities

You can also invite a big name or local celebrity and have a fundraiser for your local charity or fire station. Pick a celebrity whose rates are within your budget range, and while you will donate the proceeds of the day’s income, it wouldn’t be too bad, as it will strengthen the reputation of your restaurant business and get more customers as a result. It is a practical investment that is worth every penny you have invested.

3) Vacation

Giving gifts and gifts on special occasions or holidays is also another way to market your restaurant business. Pick a holiday or maybe a specific holiday declared by the town or city you do business in, like St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas or the city’s Foundation Day or something like that, and offer discounts or gifts to Your clients. You will definitely attract more customers than usual and you will make a big profit from it.

4) Loyalty offers

Offer a loyalty card to old customers and it will give them a reason to hang out at your restaurant. They could even bring their family and friends with them and encourage them to be loyal customers too, so they could get loyalty cards too. This way, you turn your customers into your marketers and you don’t even have to pay them for their work.

5) Package deals and fixed price

This is one of the best unique restaurant promotion ideas as it allows you to match the best selling and least salable items in your inventory. You will be able to eliminate most of the items that are not selling very well, and at the same time, your menu favorite gets all the attention it needs. Make sure to offer offers that do not go below the breakeven mark or you will suffer a loss of profits.

6) Get them at the doors

There may be items on your menu that don’t sell well because they need to be consumed by more than one customer. What you will have to do is offer it again at a discount to a certain number of people who are willing to include it in their order. This restaurant marketing plan is called a “get them at the doors” strategy, in which people are persuaded to buy this particular food on the menu and buy more items along the way.

7) Downtime

In some cases, your restaurant business will experience slow nights and your staff and other utilities are not being used properly and you may need to use them in some other way that benefits your business. What you can do is make an offer with a limited window of opportunity, let’s say the promotion will only be available between 5:00 PM. M. And 7:00 p.m. M. Every day. This will create a temporary wave of incoming customers and your staff will be helpful.

8) Community events

Participating in community events will help your restaurant get press time for lots of people and they will become your customers too! It could be anyone, someone whose house caught fire and needs extra money in addition to their insurance coverage; a local soccer team that also needs funding; Or it could be a youth organization looking to raise funds for your community project or something. Exposure is the key here and the more exposure your business has, the better it will be for you.

9) Buy in bulk and increase the sale

Have you ever been to a nice place and found something really good that you would like to buy and buy more? Well, this will be true for any business. Sooner or later, someone somewhere will walk into your restaurant and discover that your avocado smoothie is the best they have ever had in the world! You can bet they’ll come back for more, so what you’ll do is offer a discount for every 5 or 10 glasses they buy. Not only will you get a repeat customer, but you’ll also get an item turnover like never before.

10) Throws and openings

And last but not least, there are the launches of new menus and the opening of new store branches. Giving deep discounts or an all-you-can-eat deal will definitely give your business the boost it needs. Like all the other strategies on this list, this will also bring in new customers and likely turn them into your loyal customers. It’s important to build a strong customer base first before reaching more people.


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